Invest in the future of uk business

Become an investor and earn expected returns of 8-10% for invoice finance and between 4-8% for business loans*

... trades worth


of total value funded to SMEs since 2011

Be a part of our mission to help ambitious UK SMEs grow and thrive

*A minimum investment of £50,000 is required. Your actual returns may vary and your capital is at risk.


6 months3 years
Deployment of total funds, 90%

Return on deployed funds, (after losses + fees), 8%*


Return on total funds*


*Net return, annualised

Our investment calculator will give you an idea of what your expected returns could be. Your actual investment will be tailored to your risk appetite and may vary from what you see here.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your investment options.

Why invest?

Through our smart online platform, you’ll lend directly to SMEs across the UK. You’ll earn attractive returns while helping businesses access working capital to accelerate growth.

Earn attractive returns

Grow your portfolio at higher rates than traditional investments. Through our range of seamless invoice finance and business loan solutions, you can earn an expected net return of 8-10% p.a. by investing with MarketFinance.*

Community of investors

Invest alongside Barclays UK, institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individuals.
Barclays as Investor

Robust risk management

We use thousands of data points to build our state-of-the-art risk model and our risk team can quickly act on leading indicators and adjust our portfolio as necessary.

Smart online platform

We've made it easy for you to analyse, manage and diversify your investment portfolio depending on risk appetite.

Access your money quickly

There’s no minimum investment lock-up period so you can withdraw your uninvested funds at any time.

Dedicated account manager

You’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you manage your investment portfolio.

*Your actual returns may vary and your capital is at risk.

How it works

Business upload invoices

Businesses upload outstanding invoices to our platform to be verified. Once risk has reviewed, we’ll list them on the marketplace.

Investors fund invoices

Fund a portion of the invoice – either automatically based on your pre-agreed criteria or manually through our platform.


Once the invoice is repaid according to contractual terms, we’ll return the principal amount plus earnings back into your account, ready to reinvest.

Our equity partners

"Investing in invoices is complementary to holding a securities portfolio, and its contractual income characteristics are particularly attractive at this time when valuations of traditional assets appear stretched."

Oliver Jory / marketfinance investor since 2012

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