CASE STUDY: Nonsense

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The Nonsense Story

When Nonsense began back in 2007, they borrowed a corner of a friend’s office and called everyone they knew in the industry to say they’d started an agency. They charged a project fee instead of a day rate and kept some of that aside to grow the business over time. By the end of that first year they could afford their first employee.

Over time, the number of clients that Nonsense was working with began to grow and along with it the scale of the projects. Nonsense began pitching bigger, more ambitious ideas. Fast forward to 2018 and the agency was working with some of the largest brands across charity, food and beverage, insurance and sport.

How MarketFinance helps

As they continued to grow as a business, they started working with bigger brands and with that comes more rigid payment terms. As a small agency, they were used to 15 or 30-day payment terms but suddenly the terms jumped to 45, 60 or even 90 days. They needed a solution that could bridge the cash flow gaps they were experiencing as they waited longer and longer to get paid.

Turning to MarketFinance, they found that invoice finance suited their needs. “We’d never used anything like that before; a kind of self-serve platform that allows you to be more strategic with how you handle your money.”

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A Nonsense Small Business Win

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