CASE STUDY: The Craft Drink Co.

Cotswold-based drinks wholesaler, working with independent UK producers >

Their story

When Richard opened a local delicatessen and farm shop he saw an opportunity to curate and sell a collection of local drinks into the wider community. Soon the Craft Drink Company was born. At first they represented six great brands. Now, five years later, they represent over 110 carefully selected local, regional and craft producers.


The Craft Drink Co already had a development loan and overdraft with their bank. These had been very helpful in the early days but they had become too rigid, failing to grow alongside the business.

Richard had first looked into other, more traditional, invoice finance providers. Ultimately, he felt that MarketFinance’s tech-driven solutions were quicker and easier to use – something very important to him as a busy entrepreneur.

“I came to appreciate that invoice finance from MarketFinance would be the best form of finance for us as a growing business,” Richard says. “Fundamentally, it’s about being on an upward growth curve year in, year out, and having a facility that will enable us to do that. Because invoice finance is related to our sales ledger, our facility will grow with us as a business.”

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The Craft Drinks Company story

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