CASE STUDY: baa ram ewe

Making Yorkshire famous for wool production across the world once more, reconnecting it to its woolly heritage. >

Their story

On the rural outskirts of Leeds, a small team of new hand knitting aficionados have a master plan: to make Yorkshire world famous for wool production once more. Starting out as a tiny wool shop selling other people’s yarns and later becoming a knitting brand stocked by over 250 retailers across the globe, baa ram ewe has made a big impact on the yarn industry – making people think completely differently about yarn and Yorkshire yarn, in particular.

Inspired by her mum and grandma’s great love for knitting, a deeper purpose started to take shape. Verity’s mission is to find a way of supporting a wider local industry that has been central to the history and development of Yorkshire’s towns, cities, farms and fields.


baa ram ewe was doing well and secured an order with a large department store, but the high volumes needed for production and the longer terms with the large chain meant that they needed to bridge the financial gap between production and payment.

Invoice finance came to the rescue and allowed them to access the funds tied up in their invoices.

“I think this is something that will be an issue more and more as time goes on,” says Verity. “Working with MarketFinance gives us a way to solve these kinds of problems quickly and efficiently.”

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