CASE STUDY: auticon

Part recruitment business, part social enterprise, auticon is connecting its neurodiverse IT consultants with the world’s leading companies >

Their story

Neurodiverse people, for example those with a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition, have many skills that make them excellent hires. Pattern recognition, attention to detail, accuracy and logical thinking are just some areas they often excel in. auticon’s mission is to make more employers aware of this.

Globally we have a skills shortage in data and analytical roles. auticon’s consultants, with their strong problem solving skills and focus, fit these jobs perfectly. So auticon built a business around matching the right consultants to companies that would benefit most from their help. Their team of job coaches make sure their consultants are well supported and employers can get the most out of their projects.


auticon works with some of the world’s largest organisations, but the downside is that they regularly have to wait weeks or months for their invoices to be paid. For a business that wants to grow, and knows how it wants to target that growth, a financial tool that can help speed up that process is invaluable.

Our partner, Barclays, understood this need and referred auticon to MarketFinance for a CBILS revolving credit facility to fill their gaps in funding. Now they can unlock the money tied up in their outstanding invoices, so they have the funds they need, when they need them.

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