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We'll donate £500 to charity to say thank you


Refer a Business - Donate £500

As a business owner, you know there’s no better marketing asset than a satisfied customer. That’s why we’ll give £500 to a charity you choose to say thanks if you recommend a MarketFinance recovery loan to someone in your network.

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  1. This offer is only open to existing MarketFinance customers (Referrer).
  2. To be eligible for this offer, a Referrer must refer a new business (Referee) to MarketFinance who subsequently takes out a business loan. The Referee must accept an offer for a business loan and receive funds in their account within 3 months of the date that they were referred.
  3. Where a Referee makes their first Eligible Withdrawal as described in condition 2 above, MarketFinance will donate £500 to one of the following charities:
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity - Every day, 619 children and young people from across the UK arrive for life-changing treatments, GOSHCC supports the hospital and its patients.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood - NAPAC supports adults who have suffered any type of abuse in childhood.
  • MyBNK - Delivering innovative, high-impact and high-energy financial education programmes to young people in the UK.
  1. With such donation to the charity, as elected by the Referrer. MarketFinance reserves the right to change the charity options listed at any time.
  2. This offer is subject to the absolute discretion of MarketFinance.
  3. This offer is open to any eligible referrals made via email or MarketFinance website submission before 11pm on 01/04/2022.
  4. MarketFinance reserves the right to withdraw this offer to new entrants by placing a notice on at any time.

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