Working in the data team at MarketFinance

At MarketFinance, the Data team follows the squads and tribes model, which means we as individuals work closely with teams of stakeholders (squads), while also collaborating and sharing knowledge within our own tribes. Read on to learn what it’s like working in the Data team, and how the benefits make MarketFinance a great place to work.

Remote, but Connected

Our team falls under the wider Tech department at MarketFinance, so we operate under a flexible working policy. We have the option of working from home or the office, the choice is entirely up to us. This way, we’re able to leverage the best of both worlds and overcome the pitfalls of choosing one over the other. While there are numerous benefits to working from home (which is the default option among the team), the Data team uses any days in the office in what we call a "purpose-led" way.

Company-wide data presentations, team dinners and welcoming new-joiners are a few examples where the team makes the trip to the office to come together. These are cases where we can make effective use of face-to-face time together, and allows us to meet with stakeholders in person. We also make sure not to overlook the free drinks, snacks and bean-to-cup coffee machine set up at the office! Naturally we also take the time to reaffirm which of us is the best at table tennis… If we feel like venturing out of the office, Shoreditch has more than a few places to visit. Dozens of food market stalls, bars, restaurants, and an almost overwhelming number of quality coffee shops can be found right on our doorstep.

Ways of Working

On a more technical note, the Data team follows much the same formula as the Engineering team when it comes to ways of working. We work within the agile methodology, which means breaking down our development goals into two-week long "sprints", and share our progress updates during these sprints via stand-ups. A key benefit of this system is that at the end of each sprint we can share our wins, losses, and ideas to improve via a retrospective meeting, which allows us to regularly learn and improve how best to achieve our goals. We also take ownership of the systems and models we create, which means we have a lot of creative freedom in regards to how we shape these systems. Although Data teams in some companies can’t access the codebases that are available to the Engineering team, at MarketFinance we do. Being able to access the various repositories of the business gives us a transparent look at how our work in the Data team integrates with the wider systems of the company.

Working at MarketFinance in the Data team means your everyday work has a real impact in achieving our company vision. If this opportunity sounds right for you, find your place in our Data team on our Careers page.